Vijay Samuel Raj V

Vijay Samuel Raj V


Qualification: BSC, BPT, MPT, PGDHA, CKTT

Contact Number: +91-8123732414


Specialities: Sports Physiotherapy

Area of Interest :Applied Bio-mechanics and kinesiology (clinical & sports), Ergonomics, Electrotherapeutics & Electro Physiology

Continuing Education : PGDHA, CKTT (Germany), Certification on Health and fitness specialist (HFS) from ACSM

  • Effects of various width forearm braces on grip strength of subjects with tennis elbow – A pilot study.
  • Feasibility of tele rehab model in rural Karnataka to decrease secondary disabilities.
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  • Scientific Paper presentation “ Effectiveness of controlled decline eccentric squat protocol in the management of patellar tendinopathy among basket ball players” at STRIDE ’13 – International Physiotherapy Conference ,Chennai. S.India
  • Poster presentation “Effectiveness of multidisability training of CBR worker” at18th International Congress of Rural Health and Medicine, Goa
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  • “Interdisciplinary basis of Physical education and sports : Recent Trends” at University of Mysore – UGC academic staff college
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  • Effect of Resistance Training on Bone Mineral Density in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Co-investigator RGUHS – ICMR(2015)
  • B.Sc., ( Bachelors of Science)
  • PGDHA ( Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration)
  • CKTT (Certified Kinesio Tape Therapist – Germany)
  • Health care provider certification BLS (certified on Basic life science from American Heart Association)
  • Internal Auditor Training Programme (ISO 9001:2000)Quality management strategies – consultant and Trainers