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Alumni Jss Physiotherapy Alumni Association


"JSS Physiotherapy Alumni Association” was started on __2016___

The objectives of the Association are:
  • Encourage members to take interest in the activities and progress on the JSS College of Physiotherapy
  • To award scholarship and aid to the needy students of the College
  • To provide assistance and facilities for all round development of the College
  • To promote and encourage friendly relations among all the members of the Association
  • To keep the alumni informed about the JSS College of Physiotherapy
  • To promote and support technological planning, research and development
  • To promote career guidance, interaction with Industry and continuing education
  • To serve the common cause of the members’ interest in general.
Life Membership
All Alumni of the JSS College of Physiotherapy shall be eligible for Life Membership of the Association. They will have voting rights.
Associate Membership:
The following shall be eligible for Associate Life Membership of the Association.
  • All members of the teaching staff of, who are not Alumni of JSS college of Physiotherapy, working on a regular or temporary basis.
  • All ex-members of teaching staff of JSS college of Physiotherapy who are not Alumni of JSS College of Physiotherapy.
  • All associate members shall have participatory rights in discussion, be member of the sub-committees, can act as advisors and can be co-opted as members of various committees but shall have no voting rights.
 Cessation Of Membership:
A member of the association shall cease to be such a member if he/she resigns from his/her membership or found to be of unsound mind or is convicted by a court for any offence on moral grounds or termination of the membership by the Executive Committee for compelling reasons.
PRESIDENT Mrs. Nagina Nikath
Ms. Nischitha
Sl. No. Account No. Author Titles  
1 2156 Wilmore, Jack H Physipology of Sports and Exercise Harish Pai
2 2157 Brotzman, Brent Clinical Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Harish Pai
3 2158 Rothsein, Jules M. The Rehablitation specialist handbook Harish Pai
4 2159 Downie, Patricia Cash text book of General Medicine Surgical condition for Physiotherapists Harish Pai
5 2160 Edmond, Susan Manipulation and Mobilization Harish Pai
6 2161 Karim Khan Clinical Sports Medicine Harish Pai
7 2162 Domholdt Physcial Therapy reseaerch Principles and application Harish Pai
8 2163 Ann Thomson Tidys Physiotherapy Harish Pai
9 2164 Pryor A. Jenifer Physiotherapy for respiratory and cardiac Problems Harish Pai
10 2165 Das S. A manual on clinical surgery including special investigation Harish Pai
11 2166 Das S. A Concise text book of Surgery Harish Pai
12 2167 Levengie, Pamela Joint structure and function: A Comprehensive Analysis Harish Pai
13 2168 Rama Rao A.V.S.S. Text book of Biochemistry Harish Pai
14 2169 Ebnezar, John Essentials of Orthopaedics for physiotherapist Harish Pai
15 2170 Sullivan O, Susan Physical Rehabilitation: Assessment and treatment Harish Pai
16 2171 Jones, Norman Clinical Exercise Testing Harish Pai
17 2172 Evans Illustrated Orthopaedics Physical Assessment Harish Pai
18 2173 Manheim, Carol J. The Myofacial Release Manual Harish Pai
19 2174 connolly, Barbara Therapeutic Exercise in developmental disabilities Harish Pai
20 2140 Chaurasia B. D. Human Anatomy Vol.III Jakson K Joseph
21 2141 Russell R.C.B. Bailey and Love Short Practice of Surgery Kavya M.S.
22 2142 Cotran, Ramzi S. Robbins Pathologic of Disease Kavya M.S.
23 2143 Robbins, Angell Basic Pathology Kavya M.S.
24 2144 Khanna Mudith Self Assessment of Review Medicine Kavya M.S.
25 2145 Mathew, George Prep manual for Under graduate Medicine Kavya M.S.
26 2146 Shaukla, Saumya A Complete review of short subjects, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Forensic medicine. Kavya M.S.
27 2147 Swash Michael Hutchinson Clinical Methods Kavya M.S.
28 2148 haslett, Chritopher Davidson Pri. And Pra. Of Medicine Kavya M.S.
30 2149 Thripathi K. D. Essentials of Medical Pharmacology Kavya M.S.
31 2150 Sinha C.K. Self study guide post graduate medical admission test. Kavya M.S.
32 2151 Mehta J. Pradip P.J.Mehta Practical Medicine Kavya M.S.
33 2152 Kundu Arup Kumar Bedside  clinics and Medicine Part-I Kavya M.S.
34 2153 Harsh Mohan Text book of pathology Kavya M.S.
35 2154 Satoskar R. S. Pharmacology and Pharamcotherapists Kavya M.S.
36 2155 Satoskar R. S. Pharmacology and Pharamcotherapists Kavya M.S.