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JSS College of Physiotherapy

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Professor, Principal

Selected publications (10 of 28)

  1. Gupta S, Raja K: Responsiveness of Edinburgh Visual Gait Score to orthopedic surgical intervention of the lower limbs in children with cerebral palsy. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2012;91:761 – 767
  2. Dewan N, Raja K. Efficacy of braces and foot orthoses in osteoarthritis of knee: a systematic review. Am J Phys Med Rehabil2011;90(3):247-262
  3. Narekuli A, Raja K, Kumaran S D. Impact of physical therapy on burden of caregivers of individuals with functional disability. Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development.2011;22 (2). pp. 108-119.
  4. Gupta N, Solomon J, Raja K. Pain after paraplegia: a survey in India. Spinal Cord 2010;48,342-346.
  5. Pereira, EAH and Raja, Kavitha and Gangavalli, Ranganath. Effect of Training on Interlimb Transfer of Dexterity Skills in Healthy Adults. Am J Phys Med Rehabil, 2011;90 (1). 25-34
  6. Raja K, Joseph B, Benjamin S, MinochaV,Rana B. Physiological Cost Index in Cerebral Palsy. It’s Role in Evaluating the Efficiency of Ambulation. J PediatrOrthop. March 2007. 27(2):130-138
  7. Raja K. Patients’ perspectives on medical information: results of an informal survey Indian J Med Ethics 2007;VII(3): 16-7.
  8. Raja K. Compliance with walking aid use in children with cerebral palsy in India. Am J Phys Med Rehabil 2006;85:694–698.
  9. Raja K. Ethics of disability language. Indian Jab Med Ethics 2013; X(1): 69.
  10. Raja K, Gupta S. Goal Oriented Activity towards Life Skill Training Preliminary indications of a task intensive approach for managing cerebral palsy through the lifespan Disabil CBR Inclusive Dev 2012, 23(4): 97-116. Title Responsibilities Duration Cost(in rupees) Agency Status
  SR/SO/HS-85-2006 Validation of the Physiological Cost Index by comparison with oxygen consumption and evaluation of its potential as an outcome measure of ambulation in children with cerebral palsy Principal Investigator 3 years 26,80,306 DST Project completed Jul 2008 – Jul 2011 Title Responsibilities Duration Cost(in rupees) Agency Status  
F.No. M. 111014/87/2010-IH Integrated Community Based Rehabilitation for people affected by leprosy, filariasis, and other locomotor disabilities in Udupi district, Karnataka Principal Investigator 6 months 5,00,000 WHO - INDIA Project completed Apr – Oct 2011 Title Responsibilities Duration Cost (in rupees) Agency Status  
F.No.4-51(549)/2011/DERPP Development of an assessment tool and integrated management protocol for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder Principal Investigator 1.5 years 3,53,900 NCERT 2012-2014  

Professional affiliations

  • Member of Indian Association of Physiotherapists
  • Member of Indian Ergonomic Society
  • Member of RESNA
  • Member of BCPE
  • Member of International society of biomechanics
  • Managing trustee of Rehabilitation research foundation ( )

Books/ chapter

  1. Raja K, Gupta S. Assistive technology. InYu, Chattopadhyay, Lim, Acharya editors. Advances in therapeutic engineering. Boca Raton. CRC Press; 2012.
  2. Raja K, Davis F, Sivakumar T.. Ethics: perspectives for the physiotherapist. New Delhi. Peepee Publishers 2006.
Orthopaedics, ergonomics, assistive technology