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JSS College of Physiotherapy

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Internal Quality Assessment Committee of JSS College of Physiotherapy


To over see the quality processes of the college from time to time and to enforce the high quality processes in the Academic, Clinical and Administrative activities of JSS College of Physiotherapy.


  • Academic          : Academic activities include but are not restricted to develop, correct and maintain Lesson plan, Unit plan and practical manual.
  • Clinical              : Clinical activities include but are not restricted to enforce develop and update clinical practice guidelines, Student competencies and documentation.
  • Administration   : Administrative activities included but are not restricted to finance, budget formation, admission, student and faculty development programmes, Safety and security measures, indents, Stock maintenance and documentation.



  • To review the policies annually
  • Conduct audit biannually
  • To take corrective actions whenever quality is compromised without proper justification and inform the same to Principal of the institution.
  • To conduct training programmes for quality assurance, maintenance and improvement.