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JSS College of Physiotherapy

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                                                                                    PGCON 3

                                                                    December 3rd and 4th, 2017


Online Registration only 

Conference and Pre conference Registration through :

PG CON 2017 Schedule : PGCON SCHEDULE.pdf

Abstract submission Through :

Poster Presentation Rules : POSTER PRESENTATION RULES.pdf



JSS College of Physiotherapy (2).pdf

  • Based on your interset you can select and attend a single or multiple session by paying 590INR/session. 
  • Cannot attend both preconferences. Can attend either dynamic taping or vestibular rehabilitation by paying 2,360INR.

Cultural program:

Cultural activities will be held on the first day of conference. 

Competitive category


Play script/mime forms are good to do.

Time duration: 20minutes.

Non competitive category

Dance/songs/any talent oriented activities are welcome (Group/solo performances).

Time duration : 10 minutes/ college.

Accomodation for girls:

Girls can avail accomodation in hostel with basic facilities by paying Rs.100/per night (food not included).


Poster Presentation Rules : POSTER PRESENTATION RULES.pdf

  • To participate in poster presentation posters must be in the following templet. No platfom presentation will be availble.Poster pesentations only.
  • Posters which are not in the category can be displayed in non competitive section. 

Poster presentation Templet :