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JSS College of Physiotherapy

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                                                                                    PGCON 3

                                                                    December 3rd and 4th, 2017



Online Registration only 

Conference and Pre conference Registration through :

PG CON 2017 Schedule : PGCON SCHEDULE.pdf

Abstract submission Through :

Poster Presentation Rules : POSTER PRESENTATION RULES.pdf



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  • Based on your interset you can select and attend a single or multiple session by paying 590INR/session. 
  • Cannot attend both preconferences. Can attend either dynamic taping or vestibular rehabilitation by paying 2,360INR.

Preconference on Dynamic taping by Dr.Gopakumar.S, Founder and Chairman of CORE PHYSIO.

Preconference on Vestibular rehabilitation by Mr.Lenny Vasanthan T, Faculty CMC Vellore.

Cultural program:

Cultural activities held on the first day of conference. "ESCLEPIEON" an Exellant Play from our Post Gratuate student from JSS College of Physiotherapy. The Concept was taken from the book of ESCLEPIEON written by Dr. Subramoniam Rangaswamy. Directed by Nischitha 1st MPT student of JSS College of Physiotherapy, cast and crew are the Post graduate students of JSS college of Physiotherapy.


Poster Presentation Rules : POSTER PRESENTATION RULES.pdf

  • To participate in poster presentation posters must be in the following templet. No platfom presentation will be availble.Poster pesentations only.
  • Posters which are not in the category can be displayed in non competitive section. 

Poster presentation Templet :


Poster presentations:

Mistress of ceremony


The auspicious lamp lighting:

Organizing secretaries of PGCON 2017


Dr. Shahanawaz Syed

Mrs. Renuka Devi.M

Chief guest Address by Prof. Sai Kumar. N

Presidential address by Sri Mahesh.

Keynote Address  and session 1 The art of listening and seeing (history and clinical examination a the pillar of diagnosis)- by Dr. Subramoniam Rangaswamy.

Session I clinical reasoning process- By Dr. Kavitha Raja

Sesion II- Eaualteie measures what numbers say Quantitative, GMFM, Screening tool By Mr. Naveen Kumar. B

Session II-Patient centric measures the art of healing By Dr. Leister Sam Sudheer Manickam

Session III- Laban movement analysis sseing movement By Ms. Tanvi Bajaj

Session III : Measuring movement- methods to quantify. By Dr.Vandhana Phadke PhD


Session IV : Are we right? numbers speak. By Dr. Satyanarayana PhD,

Session IV : Is it important? What do patients think? By Dr. Smitha Asthana MD