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Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council is a representative structure elected by students through which the students can become involved in the affairs of the College, working in partnership with college leadership, staff and teachers for the benefits of the College and its students. Student council of JSSCPT plays an integral and important role in students’ community and it act as medium between the college and students. Student council will conduct special meetings in the beginning of each session with principal and all other staffs to plan for that session. Other meetings will be conducted every month and additional meetings will be conducted as necessary.

The student council has many sub committees like cultural committee, sports committee, and academic committee. We collaborate with others to enhance the intellectual program of the college and to make activities a cooperative factor with education.

The student council is a student centred organization that values participatory decision making. As the centre of college community life, the council complements the academic experience through an extensive variety of cultural, educational, recreational, social and sports programs. These programs provide the opportunity to balance course work and free times as cooperative factors in education.

Student Council Members-2018

President: Muhammed Rashid

Vice President: Swati M.

Secretary: Sherin Siby

Treasurer: Sayed Anwar

Academic Secretary: Anusha Purushothaman, Fazal Gafoor

Cultural Secretary: Neha Daisy Thimothi, Shahmal Sharaf

Sports Secretary: Poovaiah CR, Anna Akhila John

Minutes of Meeting