Department Of Basic Sciences

Department Of Basic Sciences


The department of basic sciences aim to impart evidence based evaluation and assessment in gait,posture,exercise testing and prescription


The department aims to inculcate skills of evaluation and assessment in basic sciences


The department has comprehensive evaluation strategies for the core areas in basic sciences. It closely works with other specialty physiotherapy departments at JSS hospital.

Research in emerging areas of exercise testing and prescription for special populations is a primary focus of the department. Use of evidence based outcome measurements is a hall mark of the department


1. Research publications in the areas of basic sciences

2. Improve care and teaching through continuous research based inputs

3. Encourage reseach activities among faculty and students -conference participation and presentations

4. Research interest peer groups

1. Incorporate self learning

2. Application of evidence based teaching methods

3. Improve the core competency of students

4. Act as leaders and mentors in incorporating evience based evaluation

5. Evaluation and revision of basic sciences curriculum periodically

1. Provide optimal quality care for the clients

2. Physiotherapy evaluation based on high standards of care and practice

3. Comprehensive range of specialized evaluations that is cost effective and accesible

4. Patient care with compassion


1. Organizing workshops in the field of biomechanics

2. Active Participation in the conferencepaper presentation

3. Active participation in the academic combined case presentation held in the college

1. Self learning-Library/PBL/Group discussions/Presentations

2. Guidelines and recent advances

3. Practical-self/peer

4. Supervised PG/Clinical

5. Supervised patient evaluation

6. Evidence based assesment and practice

7. Lesson plan and unit plan

8. SCALB/Practical manual

9. Internal assessment

1. Clinical framework for specialized evaluations

2. Patient evaluation through guidelines and SOP

3. Comprehensive range of specialized service


1. T.S.Muthukumar.,M.P.T(Cardio-Resp)-HOD

2. Nisarudeen.,M.P.T(Cardio-Resp)

3. Belle Sharvani Praveenkumar.,M.P.T(Neurology)