Department of Rehabilitation

Department of Rehabilitation


The department of Community based Rehabilitation (CBR) aims to impart understanding about the status of people with disability in India to students so that they can act as advocates for the prevention and management of disabilities.


The department has programs in early identification and intervention in childhood disabilities, training of community workers in the management of people with disabilities, advocacy for disability prevention, prevention and minimisation of morbidity in senior citizens and prevention and management of work related musculoskeletal disorders.


include services in district early intervention centre, sarva shiksha abhiyan, screening for fitness and disabilities in mainstream schools, senior centre services for fall prevention and physical activity promotion, community services including disability surveys, community worker training, support for reintegration of PWD into society, access audit, ergonomic evaluation and education in workers.

The department also acts as an incubation centre for devising assistive devices, education material and evaluation tools relevant to India.

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