Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy


The department of Musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy aims to impart evidence basedevaluation, clinical reasoning and management skills in the areas of orthopaedics, musculoskeletal dysfunction and sports physiotherapy.


The department aims to instil skills of evaluation and a reasoning based diagnosis in first contact practice. The role of a physiotherapist in traumatology and orthopaedic disease and surgery is also emphasised. Education includes a significant amount of practical classes and experiential learning


The department has programs in management of people with orthopaedic dysfunctions including trauma, elective surgery and musculoskeletal diseases where we work closely with eh dept of orthopaedics, JSS Medical College & Hospital. A system of blanket referral wherein all patientsin the in patient department are screened by physiotherapists exist.

The out patient department which deals with referred and first contact practice has programs in acute and rehabilitation of musculo skeletal injuries. We also provide services to sports teams where sports biomechanics assessment and management are practiced

Research in emerging areas of musculoskeletal physiotherapy is a focus of the department. Use of evidence based clincial pathways is a feather in the cap of the department.


1. Vijay Samuel Raj

2. Mukunda