Eco sensitive campus


The college has green campus with an excellent ratio of trees to area maintained regularly by dedicated horticulture department. Entry into the institution is restricted and use of bicycles and electric vehicle is encouraged. Battery powered vehicle is available on request for transportation of persons having difficulty in locomotion. Strict ban on plastic is enforced within the campus with prominent signage to create awareness. Waste water from the water purifier is used for housekeeping purposes and power usage is complemented by solar power generator.

All the degradable and non degradable dry and wet waste are segregated and disposed by as per the guidelines. Biomedical waste is disposed through licensed third party organisation. e-waste is collected and disposed-off by the same organisation as per the guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board. The campus has a borewell which is maintained regularly and share a sewage treatment plan with other institutions on the campus which is used for gardening.

Electric bulbs are predominantly LED and prominent signage remind users to conserve power. Use of natural light is encouraged with all rooms well lighted and ventilated.