Department of Paediatric Physiotherapy

Department of Paediatric Physiotherapy


department of paediatric physiotherapy aims to impart evidence basedevaluation, clinical reasoning and management skills in the areas of paediatric and childhood disorders, dysfunctions and disability


department aims to instil skills of evaluation and a reasoning based problem solving approach in first contact paediatric practice. The role of a physiotherapist in early intervention, handing, education, screening and management is emphasised. Education includes a significant amount of practical classes and experiential learning


The department has programs in early detection of neurodevelopmental delay in neonates, and infants. The department is actively involved in the “Belaku” clinic which is an interdisciplinary high risk infant clinic.

The out patient department which deals with referred and first contact practice has programs in cerebral palsy and other motor system involvements, birth trauma related dysfunctions, autism spectrum disorders and other cognitive-social- behavioural dysfunctions.

Research in essential areas of paediatric disability relevant to India is a major focus of the department.

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