Department of Neurological Sciences

Department of Neurological Sciences

Objectives of the department

  • Have planned a management strategy for STROKE, SPINAL cord Injury , Head injury and Developmental disorder
  • Routinely use standard measurements and instruments for evaluation and management
  • Trained to apply clinical reasoning skills with use of guiding forms and case presentations.
  • Participate in special interest group.

Scope of the department:

  • Incorporate the best evidence based teaching methods to increase the understanding and competence of undergraduate students and post graduate students in neuro-Physiotherapy
  • Incorporate self-learning in the academics in Adult neurological conditions
  • Act as facilitators to increase and improve competence in students in the neuro physiotherapy.
  • Revision in clinical areas (Neuro ICU and IP Ward) and updating relevant SOPS of the hospital departments.
  • Incorporate Evidence based practice and recent advances in patient care.
  • Act as leaders in incorporating evidence based patient care in Neurological conditions requires Physiotherapy
  • Exchange of knowledge with other departments of JSSCPT.

Evaluation Forms