Global Relations

Global Relations

In 2013 we decided that it was necessary to understand external trends in order to enrich our curriculum delivery. A nascent international cell was created. Initially the efforts were focused to invite physiotherapists working overseas to come as guest lecturers. As a result of these programs one of our students received a coveted and prestigious scholarship from university of Otago and is presently pursuing his masters

Following these initiatives we decided to solicit students from abroad for short term and formal training.

Through the efforts of the international cell, the collaboration between JSS Academy of higher education and research and La Trobe University was tapped and we had several productive interactions.

The international cell also facilitated research exchanges. Notable in this area are collaborations on cross cultural validation of a tool developed by Dr Kavitha Raja and associates to screen the development of in hand manipulation skills in children. Collaborations are underway in 4 countries to date.

Other international exchanges include collaboration on curricular innovations of the college.

Test Of In - Hand Manipulation Skills(TIMS)




In short the international cell has facilitated meaningful and rich exchanges in clinical, academic and research areas.

Visiting scholars
2013, 2014 Prasobh Gopalakrishnan
2015 Dr Ramakrishnan Mani
Dr Ashokan Arumugam
Dr Ton Schreuders

International Webinar Series International Speakers

Visiting Scholar Dr.Schreuders Netherlands

Visiting Scholar Dr.Ramakrishnan Mani New Zealands

International Students
2014 Muhamd Munir , Libya
2017 Nambi Ethendra
2018 Ujjwal Dotel, Nepal
Nikita Sunil
Donna Charia
Sneha Tommy
International Interns
2016 Benjamin Fink, Vienna, Austria
2017 Alena Steinbacher
International visitors
2018 Team from La Trobe University, Australia
International scholarship awardees
2017 Jerin Mathew, University of Otago
International conference grants
2013 Dr Kavitha Raja, Pain congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2019 Vijay Samuel Raj, Nephrology Society, Seoul Korea
Prashanth VM, Nephrology Society, Seoul Korea
Research collaborations
(Test of in hand manipulation skills)
2016 Annelize Malan, South Africa
2017 Putri Dirgantara, Indonesia
2018 Sognnes, Margunn, Norway
2019 Josiane Caron Santha, Quebec, Canada
La Trobe University
Short term research projects
2018 Jerin Mathew
2019 Muhammed Rashid
2019 2 Collaborative PhD Program
2018 Continuing education in Low back pain (STOPS)
Curricular innovations
2019 Harikrishnan Ranganathan, Malaysia