T.S.Muthu Kumar

T.S.Muthu Kumar

Designation: Associate Professor

Qualification: B.P.T/M.P.T(Cardio-resp)

Contact Number: +91-9003320950

Email: muthu_jsscpt@jssonline.org | muthukumarphysio@gmail.com

Departments: HOD Basic Sciences JSS College of Physiotherapy

Area of Interest :Cardiac Rehabilitation, Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Dry Needling Practitioner

Continuing Education : PGDHA, CKTT (Germany), Certification on Health and fitness specialist (HFS) from ACSM

Experience: 15 years of teaching and clinical experience

Positions Held: Former HOD Department of Cardio-respiratory Lovely Professional University and College of Physiotherapy SRIPMS and Board of Studies Member Lovely Professional University Jalandar Punjab

Reviewer: Reviewer in Liberta Academia Journal, Annals of yoga and physical therapy

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