Institutional Research Committee

Institutional Research Committee

Rules and Regulations

  • Before any research is undertaken, the research proposals with annexures bearing consent form in the language as proposed according to the study should go through IRC for approval.
  • There should be no plagiarism.
  • Get the application form from research room fillit and submit to the research room. The checklist of what the proposal should contain is been kept in research room and is been mail to all, so comply.
  • The student’s proposal or thesis will be coded with the proposal ID numbers on the application form.
  • Presentations will be done by the students.
  • Whenever students send the proposal after corrections they should quote the ID number with number of corrections ( example: 01 will be the code, 01-1, 01-2, 01-3 will be  the code for number of corrections).
  • Within five days the student will receive the correction/ approval.
  • Committee members are subject to change once in two years.
  • If needed, external expert will be called for scrutinizing.


  • The checklist which has to be checked by the members of IRC are ,
Members   Checklist for research proposal to be corrected  Check list for full thesis to be corrected  
MansoorRehman First 30 numbers First 42 numbers
Ranjith KV Second 30 numbers Second 42 numbers
Secretary Responsibilities
Dr M.Renukadevi -Recheck -Send the complete corrected proposal and certificate to sign to the chairman.
Chairperson Responsibilities
Dr Kavitha Raja Will go through the corrected proposal, sign and send back to secretary
  • The timeline will be 48 hrs (2 days) for the members to correct ,re-correct and send the corrected  proposal or thesis to secretary
  • Within next 48hours (2days), the results if approved / disapproved by chairman will be announced.


  • Minimum three members of IRC will be present during proposal/ thesis presentation.
  • Students will send the PPT to members. Corrections will be made in a day on the basis of checklist for slide presentation.
  • Presentation will be done by the student.
  • Decision if the proposal needs IEC will be decided.